Mediterranean Semaphore | Minimalist Geometry

Mediterranean Resized
60″ high x 60″ wide
Photography by Douglas Sandberg

This minimalist quilt consists of just two repeating blocks—right-angled blue/green silks set into a gray background. But variations in placement create a design that’s vibrant, whimsical, and captivating. It’s abstract but reminds me of semaphore, a seafaring connection underscored by its colors.


byCONTRAST, mounted by the NJ+NY SAQA Region
• View Arts Center, Old Forge NY, Sept. 30–Nov. 25, 2023
• Broome County Arts Council, Binghamton NY, April 2–29, 2024
• Bethany Arts Community, Ossining NY, July 11–Aug. 5, 2024