Fogbound Wildflowers | Improvisation

Fogbound Wildflowers Resized
65″ high x 54″ wide
Photography by Douglas Sandberg

After it was finished, this quilt reminded me of fog and wildflowers; hence its title. But I didn’t design it to represent those things. I made it in burst of improvisational fervor and intentional editing, inspired by dozens of grey and lavender fabrics in my stash. That may seem contradictory, but both approaches—improv and intention—are part of my design process. While I may start by winging it, at every seam there are choices about colors, shapes, sizes. And it took a purposeful, distinctive addition—repeating, ombré L-shapes—to tie the patchwork into a lively composition.


Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara CA, Oct. 14–17, 2020

Great Wisconsin Quilt Show, Madison WI, Sept. 10–12, 2020