New Title | Mostly Monochrome

Arabesque Resized
31 1/2″ high x 19 1/2″ wide
Photography by Douglas Sandberg

Ombré Green is a celebration of golden-rectangle proportions. Both the inner rectangle (con- structed with green shot cottons and a pop of a Marcia Derse fabric) and the overall quilt (cut from ombré yardage) roughly approximate golden rectangles.


byCONTRAST, mounted by the NJ+NY SAQA Region

  • View Arts Center, Old Forge NY, Sept. 30–Nov. 25, 2023
  • Broome County Arts Council, Binghamton NY, April 2–29, 2024
  • Bethany Arts Community, Ossining NY, July 11–Aug. 5, 2024