Urban Twilight

Urban Twilight has been juried into The De Young Open, an exhibition featuring 880 works of art by 763 artists from nine Bay Area counties. The show will fill the 12,000 square-foot Herbst Exhibition Gallery when the museum reopens.

I am awed and honored to be part of the de Young’s 125-anniversary celebrations and excited to see the “salon-style” edge-to-edge and floor-to ceiling installation. You can find out more about the exhibition in my blog post.

Urban Twilight reflects my love of minimalist quilting and the challenge of turning just a few ingredients

  • Variations of a single color
  • Basic forms
  • Clean lines

into abstract compositions that are both intriguing to look at and serene. I also like working improvisationally, not knowing how a quilt will look until it’s done.

Urban Twilight was juried into QuiltCon 2020, an annual modern quilting extravaganza held Austin, Texas, from February 20–23, 2020. It’s the second piece of mine to go QuiltCon; the first was International Orange in QuiltCon 2019.

36½” wide x 37½” high

Photography by Jean Vong