Top Ten

25.25″ wide x 60.25″ high

This quilt is among the liveliest in the series thanks to an amped-up hit of green, bigger triangles, the abundant use of contrasting couched cording in those triangles, and matchstick quilting that brings a diamond to the fore.

To my mind, there’s a paper-airline look to the quilt’s many pairs of blue and green triangles.

Emphasizing that look are lines of couched cord, angling into the narrowest point in each triangle. But I wouldn’t want to be the air-traffic controller here … because they’re all flying in different directions!

A calming grey background helps tame and contain that foreground energy.

A lone diamond, defined by quadrants of vertical and horizontal matchstick quilting, is a self-contained oasis. Recurring minimalist quilt patterns both define other background shapes—triple lines of stitching inside right-angle triangles and double-lined zigzags inside equilateral triangles—and keep them out of the limelight.

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Photography by Douglas Sandberg