Third Time Lucky

30.25″ wide x 15.25″ high

Third Time Lucky honors its triangles in four ways.

First, they have the are-these-the-same-or-different? quality that’s at play in High Five and Six Of One. That is, while all the paired triangles occupy (more or less) the same position in their units, all the little triangles differ slightly from each other in their angles and dimensions. And so do the large ones. It’s a subtle variation, but one that adds interest.

Second, the dense quilting in the large blue triangles—precisely stitched concentric triangles sewn with green thread—compels a closer, longer look.

Third, the little triangles introduce a new textural element to the series: couched cording. Within each little blue triangle you’ll see a smaller triangle set at a different angle. Couched in green thread, they bring the quilt a powerful jolt of color.

Finally, three couched green diagonals servers as pointers to the colors at play in the small and large triangles.

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Photography by Douglas Sandberg