Six of One

30.25″ wide x 30.25″ high

Six of One (yes, there will be a Half Dozen of Another!) is a square quilt composed of six vertical units.

It uses pairs of big blue and small green triangles like High Five, each subtly varying in angles and dimensions. But it returns to the stitch style of the earlier quilts, with diagonals, grey matchstick quilting and variegated blue zigzags.

What’s different here is the surprising impact of the diagonal stitching lines. They’re neutral in color, all grey. Yet the thread stands out—beckoning the eye—as it traverses blue, green and grey fabrics.

The quilt gets its (off-center) focal point from two groups of six diagonal lines that radiate out from a single point. And with one diagonal from each unit flowing into a a diagonal in an adjacent unit, there’s a path for the eye to follow all the way around the quilt.

It’s subtle changes like these, from one quilt to the next, that help keep the series lively and fresh.

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Photography by Douglas Sandberg