Seeing Red

Seeing Red captures two realities of the border-turned-battleground between the United States and Mexico.

The big red Do Not Enter sign assaults the eye first. It’s the visual equivalent, to me, of Trump’s blustering, incendiary tweets about border crossers and immigration.

But look closer and there’s another red emblem: a tiny red crucifix. If border crossers near death in this inhospitable landscape, they often leave traces—shoes, tee shirts, photos, rosaries—in hopes that some evidence of their life will survive and be found. The crucifix reminds viewers of the human—or rather inhumane—consequences of the Do Not Enter animus that disgraces our nation’s true values.

This is a whole-cloth quilt made from a commer-cial polyester wall tapestry and Cherrywood cotton, featuring machine appliqué, top-stitched spirals, French knots and one embellishment: that heart-rending little cross.

Seeing Red is included in United We Quilt, a web gallery that encourages advocacy and engagement through the display of fiber arts created in response to Trump administration policies. You can find my quilt here.

Photography by Douglas Sandberg