Minis 2014

Yellow Helix, 7″ wide x 9-1/2″ high
Fun with bias tape, plus some free-motion practice that turned out pretty well!

Stitched & Layered, 15-1/2″ wide x 16″ high
Free-motion practice with the zigzag stitch.

Monochrome, 8″ wide x 11″ high
This little quilt was inspired by a design found on Geometry Daily, a fabulous tumblr where for many years German designer Tilman Zitzmann posted a daily geometric composition. It’s a terrific resource.

Diagonal Slash, 12-1/2″ wide x 14″ high

Binary Triangles, 11″ wide x 11-1/2″ high

Maquette, 14-1/2″ wide x 14-1/2″ high
The last quilt in this group, Maquette, really did serve as a maquette, a sample made to test a design for a baby quilt. I liked it, and so did the baby’s mom! You can see the finished quilt on this page, about halfway down.

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Photography by Douglas Sandberg.