Fabric Postcards

I have far, far too many pandemic projects:

  1. Improvise for hours on end, with just greys and mauves. Success! The result is Intentional Improv, headed for a show in September.
  2. Reimagine two dozen incomplete blocks from 2015. I cut them apart, added improvisational components, conjured a new design, and the result is a baby quilt, awaiting the right recipient.
  3. Use up all my Kaffe Fassett scraps. So far I’ve made four small quilts with similar motifs in different colorways, all awaiting binding. Improbably, the scraps still abound, just in smaller pieces!
  4. Repurpose some quilty experiments as 12″ x 12″ quiltlets. If seven candidates are now out of the UFO drawer, pinned where I can see them, is that progress?
  5. Use a set-in-circle practice-piece as the start of a Lone Robin, my guild’s shelter-in-place version of a round robin. I’m at Step 3 of 6.
  6. Learn to make one-seam flying geese. Yes!
  7. Start using my Ruby Star Society stash of fabulous Zip! stripes.
  8. Piece abandoned traditional blocks into a modern baby quilt. I chose a background fabric, I have a layout in mind … but that’s it.
  9. Turn four improv patchwork rectangles—reds, teals, yellows, purples—into something dramatic. It’s on the wall, about half done.
  10. And when I don’t feel like any of the above, my fallback is face masks and fabric postcards.

My postcards consist of a sandwich—a quilted patchwork front, a cardstock back, and in the middle, a 4″ x 6″ piece of fast2fuse, which is a stiff, double-sided fusible. They need 55¢ first-class postage (or a forever stamp).

While I send some cards individually, I bundle most of them into little gift packets for family and friends who still like to correspond by snailmail.