Superbloom on View at Textile Study Group of NY

36-1/2″ wide x 37-1/2″ high

I’m honored that my quilt “Superbloom” is among 107 works of art chosen for online display by the Textile Study Group of New York. It’s in the 28th Members’ Gallery. With an eye-catching new design, TSGNY galleries are a beautiful way to view textile art. Read more about my quilt here.

A little background: Five days after the TSGNY sent out the Call for Entries for its Spring 2020 Gallery, New York State responded to the pandemic with a stay-at-home program for non-essential workers. Unable to go to studios, shop for materials, arrange photography or just get out and see something new, TSGNY members continued to do their work and fulfill their visions. Produced under these remarkable circumstances, the TSGNY’s largest gallery to date is all the more impressive.

Hat’s off to all the participating artists and to the tireless members who mounted this gallery.

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