I’ve Got a Great Spot at Shifting Tides

My quilt “Whither the Waterfront?” occupies a terrific spot at the newly opened “Shifting Tides” exhibition in the “Works/San Jose” gallery: right in the entry of the exhibition. There’s also a reproduction in the front window, shown above.

Read more here.

Shifting Tides: convergence in cloth explores the current state of the Pacific Ocean through the eyes of 46 members of Studio Art Quilt Associates living in an arc along the western shores of North America and in Hawaii. The gallery web site features images of some of the artwork on display. You can also see some of the quilts on the North California/Northern Nevada SAQA regional web site. But there’s nothing that beats the impact of these quilts in person. The show’s up through May 5; I hope you can visit.

Works/San Jose
365 South Market St., San Jose, CA 95113
April 19–May 5, 2019
Wednesday–Friday 12–6 pm
Saturday and Sunday 12–4 pm

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