A Celebration of Blue

The exhibition “Blue” in Oyster Bay, New York, is a delightful celebration of the color blue in contemporary ceramics and fiber arts. I had the pleasure of seeing the show on its opening day, March 7. A close-up of my contribution to the show, “Patch of Blue”, is pictured above.

Sponsored by the Long Island Craft

Guild, the show is on view through May 7 in the Angela Koenig Center at Oyster Bay (NY) Historical Society. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

“Feminine Mystique: Domestic Goddess in Blue” by Eileen Palmer
Vase by Jonathan Zamet
“Shooting Star Shawl” by Helene Kusnitz
“Shades of Blue” by Linda Brandwein
“Shares of Blue” Detail
”Fireworks” by Linda Brandwein
“Little Blue Marbles” by Sally Shore

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