Pix from “Modern/Minimal”

bay-quilts-1My month-long show “Modern/Mimimal” opened at Bay Quilts in Richmond, California, on Sunday with a reception that drew some three dozen people.

I’m not sure I’ve ever chatted nonstop for three hours before(!) … but it was wonderful talking to people about the designs and techniques and fabrics in the 29 quilts on display.

I was honored to get a write-up and 41(!) stellar photographs by Carol Van Zandt on her blog, The Plaid Portico. Here’s what she had to say:

I’ve run across Cathy Miranker’s quilts in other California shows and they always make it on the blog – they are modern, original, thoughtful and with an attention to detail that doesn’t compromise any improvisation. A wonderful body of work is represented in this show, and I hope to see more shows from modern quilters in this space!








I mounted the show with the help of the smiling young woman, above, my daughter Emily, who flew in for the weekend from New York City. THANKS so much for your keen eye, artistic flair, good humor … and handiness with a level and a hammer!

2 responses to Pix from “Modern/Minimal”

  1. Ellen Pfeifer says:

    Brava, Cathy! (and Emily too!) Terrific accomplishment. A real inspiration for those of us quilting newbees. –Ellen Pfeifer


    • Cathy says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Ellen. I’ll be debuting a new series in March, so keep an eye out. Hope to see you in the not-too-distant Sherlockian future!


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